Motto: Innovation Drives Transformation


FUTIA's Philosophy

The philosophy of the Federal University of Technology, Ikot Abasi is anchored on:


  1. The desire to promote cutting-edge knowledge of Engineering, Science and Technology especially in Aviation and Space Technology, Oil and Gas, Maritime and Ship Building, Computing Technology, Biotechnology and Informatics and Agricultural Technology and the application of new and innovative knowledge for the improvement of our communities, state and nation.
  2. The acquisition of appropriate skills by our staff and students to provide the workforce required in the national economy and to stimulate development through innovation and ultimately drive the growth of the local and national economy.
  3. The inculcation of the culture of dedication, hard work, discipline, integrity in staff and students by providing excellent atmosphere for scholarship, research, innovation and collaboration with other institutions, government and non-governmental organizations.
  4. The desire to be known as the bed-rock of excellent teaching, research and innovative ideas using contemporary technological advancements and Information and Communications Technology.