Motto: Innovation Drives Transformation


University's official Logo

The logo of the University depicts a power and sustainable method of transmitting knowledge as captured in the motto. The main elements of the logo are the ocean depicted by a sea blue colour. This ocean is sited on a gold mine; the green vegetation as the foundation. The open book on which the Nigerian Coat of Arms sits connote the national strength of knowledge that the University aspires to infuse in every student, as well as the height they can attain as a result of their imagination, innovation and creativity thereby making them innovative enough to drive transformation.


The logo of the university has six (6) colours namely: Orange, Sea blue, White, Green, Dark Brown and Black. The colours connote the following:

  1. Orange: Orange symbolizes emotion, youthfulness, optimism, enthusiasm and encourages, uplifts, stimulates and communicates wealth in wisdom and courage.
  2. White: symbolises faith, freedom and service. These attributes of white connote the importance of knowledge in liberating mankind and setting society on a path to progress and development anchored on freedom and peace.
  3. Sea Blue: symbolises depth, stability, faith, truth and loyalty. It is expected that the proposed university shall empower students to develop depth in critical thinking, stability in character, faith and confidence in them, and be truly outstanding in morality.
  4. Green: symbolises excellence, productivity and integrity. These attributes of olive-green connote the commitment of the proposed University to be a centre of excellence that provides a motivating environment for the human intellect to flourish and for ideas to germinate into innovations and products.
  5. Dark Brown: the dark brown colour of the eagle symbolises resilience, dependability, security and safety. The colour stimulates the students’ appetite for knowledge and steadfastness in knowledge transmission on a fertile ground that would produce the required transformation of our society for the good of all.
  6. Black: the black colour on the shield and the edges of the open book represents fertility and power. The colour is a catalyst for growth and sustainability in knowledge transmission and replication.