Motto: Innovation Drives Transformation

Aeronautics and Aerospace Research Centre


This Centre shall focus on developing nature-inspired flow optimization strategies and composite material design methodologies to improve the performance of aero-structures for civilian, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The Centre shall research design methodologies to improve their performance in health-monitoring and self-healing technologies and full digital manufacturing and life-cycle management as well as breakthrough applications in specific technological areas like nature-inspired flow optimization strategies; sophisticated modern flow management and flow control systems relevant to aeronautical and aerospace industries; and testing adaptive materials and integrated sensor functionality under the condition of advanced digital manufacturing.

The philosophy behind FUTIA setting up an Aeronautics and Aerospace Research Centre (AARC) is to:

Advance knowledge

Pursue cutting-edge research in aeronautics and aerospace, pushing the boundaries of human understanding and innovation.

Develop capacity

Build local expertise and capabilities in aerospace technology, reducing reliance on foreign expertise.

Drive economic growth

Foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and industry collaboration, creating new opportunities for economic development.

Address national needs

Apply research and innovation to solve real-world problems, such as improving air transportation, national security, and environmental monitoring.

Inspire future generations

Provide a platform for students and young researchers to explore, learn, and contribute to the field, ensuring a sustainable pipeline of talent.

Enhance global competitiveness

Position Nigeria as a player in the global aerospace industry, contributing to international collaborations and advancements.

Foster interdisciplinary approaches

Combine expertise from various fields, such as engineering, physics, materials science, and computer science, to tackle complex challenges.

Support national security and defence

Develop technologies with applications in defence, surveillance, and national security, enhancing the country’s capabilities.

By embracing this philosophy, TTIRC aims to make a positive impact on society, the environment, and the economy through transportation research and innovation.

AARC Philosophy
AARC Goals
  1. Advance knowledge
  2. Develop capacity
  3. Drive economic growth
  4. Address national needs
  5. Inspire future generations
  6. Enhance global competitiveness
  7. Foster interdisciplinary approaches
  8. Support national security and defence


 The goals of the Transportation Technology and Infrastructure Research Center (TTIRC):

Goal 1: Research Excellence
Conduct cutting-edge research in aeronautics and aerospace, publishing papers and presenting findings in top-tier international conferences and journals.
Goal 2: Capacity Building
Develop and train a critical mass of highly skilled researchers, engineers, and scientists in aerospace technology, ensuring a sustainable talent pipeline.
Goal 3: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Foster a culture of innovation, spinning off start-ups and companies that apply research breakthroughs to real-world problems, creating jobs and driving economic growth.
Goal 4: National Impact
Apply research and innovation to address pressing national challenges, such as improving air transportation, enhancing national security, and monitoring environmental changes.
Goal 5: Global Collaboration
Establish partnerships with international organizations, research institutions, and industry players, positioning Nigeria as a key player in global aerospace research and development.