Motto: Innovation Drives Transformation

ICT Centre

FUTIA ICT Centre is the hub and foundation for the Information and Communication Technology Centre of the Federal University of Technology, Ikot Abasi, Nigeria. It is a hub for computer-based learning, research, and innovation, providing access to cutting-edge technology and equipment to students, faculty, and researchers. The Center offers a variety of services, including internet connectivity, computer labs, library resources, and training programs in ICT-related fields. It is an important resource for the university and the wider community, enabling individuals to enhance their knowledge and skills in ICT.


The idea behind setting up FUTIA’s ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Centre is to provide a central hub for managing, supporting, and delivering information and communication technologies to the university community. The primary goals of an ICT centre include:
  1. Supporting Academic Excellence: To facilitate the integration of technology into teaching, learning, and research, enhancing the academic experience and promoting digital literacy.
  2. Providing Infrastructure: To design, implement, and maintain a robust and reliable ICT infrastructure, including networks, servers, and data storage.
  3. Delivering ICT Services: To offer a range of services, such as email, internet access, software applications, and technical support, to students, staff, and faculty.
  4. Fostering Innovation and Research: To provide resources and support for research and innovation, including high-performance computing, data analytics, and digital scholarship.
  5. Enhancing Administration and Management: To streamline administrative processes and improve decision-making through the effective use of ICT in areas like student information systems, financial management, and human resources.
  6. Promoting Digital Inclusion: To ensure equal access to ICT resources and services for all members of the university community, regardless of their location or abilities.
  7. Encouraging Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: To facilitate communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among students, staff, and faculty, both within and beyond the university.
  8. Supporting Distance Learning and Online Education: To enable the delivery of online courses, degree programs, and other digital learning initiatives.
  9. Ensuring Cybersecurity and Data Privacy: To protect the university’s ICT infrastructure, data, and users from cyber threats and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.
  10. Staying Up-to-Date with Emerging Technologies: To continuously monitor and assess new technologies, identifying opportunities for innovation and improvement.

Planned Services

The ICT Centre of the Federal University of Technology, Ikot Abasi is intended to provide some services for the benefit of the University and the public:

  1. Internet Services: Offer internet access to students, staff, and the local community, generating revenue through subscription fees.
  2. Digital Training and Certification: Provide training and certification programs in ICT-related fields, such as programming, web development, and data analysis, to students and external participants.
  3. Cybercafe and Printing Services: Operate a cybercafe and offer printing, scanning, and photocopying services to students and staff.
  4. Software Development and Sales: Develop and sell software solutions to external clients, leveraging the expertise of the university’s ICT students and staff.
  5. ICT Consulting: Provide consulting services to local businesses and organizations, offering expertise in ICT infrastructure setup, maintenance, and optimization.
  6. E-Learning Platform: Develop and sell online courses and educational resources to external institutions and individuals.
  7. Research and Development: Conduct research and development projects in collaboration with external partners, generating revenue through grants and contracts.

By offering these services, the ICT Centre can generate significant revenue for the university while also providing valuable services to the university community and beyond.

The Centre Philosophy
The Goals of ICTC

The Centre Philosophy?

The philosophy of FUTIA’s ICTC is to provide a robust and innovative technology environment that supports the academic, research, and administrative endeavours of the university: 
  1. Access: To provide equal access to ICT resources and services for all members of the university community, regardless of their location or abilities.
  2. Innovation: To foster a culture of innovation and experimentation, leveraging ICT to drive creativity, collaboration, and knowledge creation.
  3. Excellence: To deliver high-quality ICT services, infrastructure, and support, ensuring reliability, security, and efficiency.
  4. Inclusivity: To promote digital literacy and inclusivity, bridging the digital divide and ensuring that all students, staff, and faculty have the skills and resources they need to succeed.
  5. Collaboration: To facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing across disciplines, departments, and institutions, using ICT to enable global connections and partnerships.
  6. Sustainability: To ensure the responsible and sustainable use of ICT resources, minimizing environmental impact and promoting digital citizenship.
  7. Continuous Improvement: To continuously assess, improve, and innovate ICT services, infrastructure, and support, staying abreast of emerging trends and technologies.

The Goals of ICTC?

  1. Promotes computer literacy among students, employees of FUTIA, and members of the general public through the organizing of client-targeted and tailored computer training.
  2. Promotes and encourages the use of ICTs in teaching and researching at the University.
  3. Provides technical support to all departments and units of the University.
  4. Supports the teaching and research endeavours of FUTIA members
  5. Meets all of the university’s computing demands for students and staff