Motto: Innovation Drives Transformation

Centre for Research in Mineral Exploration and Earth Sciences Technology (CRMEEST)


This Centre will be part of the School of Mineral and Earth Sciences at FUTIA’s. It will provides multidisciplinary research and education, conduct and promote cutting-edge, field-based, collaborative research on mineral deposits and their environments, and to educate and train highly qualified people for careers and solutions to the myriads of problem in the minerals industry, academia and government. Areas of focus will include but not limited to conducting practical and basic research collaboratively in local, national and international research projects. The center is also set to give counseling services to other organizations.

The philosophy behind FUTIA setting up a Centre for Research in Mineral Exploration and Earth Sciences Technology (CRMEEST) is to:

Advance Knowledge

Conduct cutting-edge research in mineral exploration and earth sciences to expand human knowledge and understanding of the Earth’s resources and processes.

Foster Innovation

Develop new technologies and methods for mineral exploration, extraction, and utilization, driving innovation and sustainability in the field.

Address Societal Needs

Provide solutions to pressing societal challenges, such as:

    1. Sustainable resource management
    2. Environmental stewardship
    3. Economic development
    4. Climate change mitigation

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Bring together experts from diverse fields, including geology, geophysics, geochemistry, environmental science, and engineering, to tackle complex problems and foster a culture of collaboration.

Capacity Building

Train and develop the next generation of researchers, scientists, and professionals in mineral exploration and earth sciences, enhancing human capital and capacity in the field.

Industry Engagement

Foster partnerships with industry stakeholders, governments, and communities to ensure research relevance, knowledge transfer, and impact.

Economic Development

Contribute to national economic growth and development through the responsible exploration and utilization of mineral resources, aligning with the university’s role in societal development.

By establishing CRMEEST, the university demonstrates its commitment to advancing knowledge, driving innovation, and addressing societal needs, while preparing future leaders and professionals in the field.

CRMEEST Philosophy

CRMEEST Philosophy

  1. Advance Knowledge
  2. Foster Innovation
  3. Address Societal Needs
  4. Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  5. Capacity Building
  6. Industry Engagement
  7. Economic Development


 The goals of the Centre for Research in Mineral Exploration and Earth Sciences Technology (CRMEEST):
  1. Environmental Stewardship: Promote sustainable and environmentally responsible mineral exploration and utilization practices.
  2. Technology Transfer: Develop and transfer new technologies and methods to industry and other stakeholders.
  3. Global Impact: Address global challenges and contribute to international efforts in mineral exploration and earth sciences research.